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Public administration

In general, public administration is the activity of public authorities for the benefit of society and the state. It is multi-vector and interconnected. Public administration is a set of processes, structures, functions, methods and procedures. Public administration is the formulation and implementation of public policy and the implementation of strategies related to that process.

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Public service

Public service in the Republic of Armenia currently includes two levels: public positions, state and community services. Depending on the policy pursued by the state, the scope of public service is different. Public service legislation mainly regulates the procedures for appointment to public office, the transition to public service, the peculiarities, the peculiarities of the legal status of the persons holding those positions, the conduct of public servants, and the moral system. One of the criteria for the state maturity and development is the established public service system.

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Electronic management

E-government is the application of information technologies in the spheres of services provided by the state as well as organization and implementation of state bodies' activities. Today, it is difficult to imagine the state system without e-government tools, the whole world is moving in that direction, moreover, the policies of different state spheres are already determined taking into account the opportunities provided by information technologies. Therefore, e-government is closely related to public administration and becomes an integral part of it with its peculiarities.

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Judicial reforms and anti-corruption policy

Having an independent judiciary and law enforcement bodies free from corruption and patronage is one of the priorities of every state. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out strategic and organizational actions aimed at the creation or improvement of legislation, regulatory mechanisms, the introduction or development of effective mechanisms to ensure their implementation in practice. The ultimate goal of an effective anti-corruption policy is the overcoming of corruption, the elimination of the causes and conditions that stimulate it and its spread.

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